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Program Overview

The Employee Product Giving Program is an employee-initiated program that encourages HP employees in the United States to support qualified U.S. educational and nonprofit organizations with HP technology.  The HP employee contributes just 25% of the equipment’s list price and the remaining 75% is matched by the company. Products donated through this program must be used by qualified recipient organizations for educational, administrative or capacity-building purposes.  They cannot be sold, auctioned, raffled, used for give-aways, door prizes, fundraisers or individual awards or compensation. The equipment must be used on the organization’s premises for capacity building, administrative or educational purposes.  Recipient eligibility is verified by HP's product philanthropy partner, Good360 International.

To qualify, the gift must be a minimum of $100 worth of equipment at list price ($25 employee contribution) and a maximum of $20,000 worth of equipment at list price ($5,000 employee contribution) per employee, per fiscal year. Employee Donation pricing is only applicable to products donated through the program and available in the Product Portfolio.

The employee contribution (payable in full to Good360) must be in the form of:

If multiple employees are pooling resources to contribute a group gift, one employee must lead the effort. He/she may either create an “Open Group Donation” which will enable any HP employee that logs into the Employee Product Giving website to review and contribute to the gift. At the time the matching gift request is created, the lead employee may instead choose to create a "Private Group Donation" by entering the email addresses of HP colleagues that have pledged specific amounts toward the group gift

Any employee may log into the Employee Product Giving website and click on the “Join An Open Group Donation” link from the welcome page to contribute toward a group campaign. Each participating employee must submit his or her contribution online using a major credit card, debit card, or personal checking account. Each employee may download payment history or print a tax letter by clicking on the "My Payment History" link in "My Order History."

Donations will be matched on a first-come-first-served basis until all available funds for the campaign period have been disbursed. Donations are also subject to availability in the HP Supply Chain and may be delayed or cancelled if inventory levels change after orders are placed. Like product may be substituted for items that are near End of Life or otherwise Out of Stock.

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Contributions Criteria

To qualify for HP matching, ALL recipients must meet the following criteria:


Click here to search Guidestar to determine if your organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  If your organization is not in the database, it will be required to submit a copy of its IRS determination letter to Good360 as part of the vetting process.

If your intended recipient is a school, click here to search for information about your school using the National Center for Education Statistics database.  If your school is not listed, it may not be accredited.

NOTE: Both the cash and product giving programs allow employees to submit new charities for consideration. All new charities will be vetted against HP guidelines as well as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service databases, accreditation databases and USA Patriot Act Watch Lists prior to receiving any HP matching resources. HP reserves the right to revoke HP matching funds or Product Gift eligibility at any time.

HP Global Social Investment will not provide contributions or matching gifts support to:

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Ineligible Gifts

Ineligible gifts are those reimbursed in any way; made in lieu of tuition payments; fixed by the school as a condition for student enrollment; intended to fulfill a person’s pledges, tithes or other financial commitments; given to a school, college or university as a way of supporting a third-party organization (e.g., religious or social organization); applied to class dues, subscription fees for publications or gifts for the private benefit of specified individuals.

HP will not match any gift that may be applied toward special donor privileges or benefits of more than nominal monetary value, such as preferred seating at athletic events or options to purchase such seating, use of athletic facilities, special parking privileges, etc.

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Administrative Conditions

The interpretation, application and administration of the provisions of the HP Employee Product Giving Programs shall be determined by HP; its decision whether or not to match any contribution, for whatever reason, shall be final. HP may suspend, change or terminate these programs at any time. Donations will be matched and Product Gifts granted on a first-come-first-served basis, while funds are available and/or supplies last.

Violation of the program requirements may result in invalidation of the employee’s gift, withdrawal of the employee’s privilege of making gifts in the future and ineligibility of the school or organization to receive gifts from other employees. In addition, violation of the program’s rules will be treated as employee misconduct.

Equipment list prices are determined by HP and are not subject to rebates, discounts, or special offers.

Matching Gift requests may take up to 60 days to be fulfilled, depending on the number of requests submitted during a given time period and the speed with which recipient organizations respond with the appropriate matching gift paperwork.

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